We are excited to announce the launch of a new product line to our spa.  Eltraderm is dedicated to researching, developing, and delivering skin care results beyond the skin’s everyday challenges.  We, like Eltraderm, believe healthy skin is beautiful skin.

The Eltraderm products are made with the purest of ingredients and will help your skin achieve long lasting, beneficial results.



There are many ways to boost collagen production in spa treatments.  Facials, chemical peels, and Radio Frequency are just a few options.  Most importantly when attempting to increase collagen in the skin you will want to be using Advanced Native Collagen Gel at home.  This product will improve collagen production, help increase hyaluronic acid and elastin levels and enable the skin’s ability to retain moisture.  Improving all of these factors will help restore your skin’s density, tone, texture and clarity.

Visit The Follicle today to learn how Eltraderm products can improve your skin’s health.