As Valentine’s Day approaches I’m thinking about special ways to pamper the one you love with a spa treatment.  Whether its a soothing facial, a relaxing massage, or a spa pedicure, pampering from your loved one is a special gift that says “I love you”.  What about the people who are single?  What does Valentine’s day mean to them?  When I was single I looked to my family and friends to celebrate the day with.  What about self-love?  Loving who you are, what you do and how you feel .  Celebrating what you achieve everyday and rewarding yourself for it.  It’s more than just a reward though.  I think self-love means taking that time to reset.  Focus on your health, your well-being.  And it doesn’t mean only through  spa treatments, it means in every aspect of your life.  Stop moving from one part of your day to the next without taking some time to breathe.



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